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Webinar: The Changing Face of the CHRO

WebinarRecently our client, HR Acuity, hosted a webinar on the changing face of the Chief Human Resources Officer. The webinar session got down to the nitty gritty of why employee relations is the next big thing to conquer! If you missed out on this webinar, then you also missed out on a sneak peak of what the future holds for CHROs, including the expanded role and increased focus on managing risk. Don’t worry, we have the webinar slideshare available for you on the HR Acuity site.

Click here to get the full webinar recap.

In it you’ll learn:

  • What the CHRO of the future looks like
  • People-related risk management programs for your organization
  • Why ER must become a critical part of your strategic planning

Click here to visit the HR Acuity slideshare page and see the full transcript.

(About HR Acuity: HR Acuity is the leader in employee relations and workplace investigations solutions. We understand that how employee issues are handled has as much to do with the resolution as the issue itself. HR Acuity strives to provide its clients with the Web-based tools, resources, training and expertise they need to manage and resolve employee relations matters in a proactive, fair and consistent manner.)