How do You Treat Your Candidates?

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Originally posted on February 7, 2012.

Candidates are People too

It’s been a tough year for job seekers. Which means, in turn, it’s been a tough year Candidates_Employees_Interview_Hiringfor the recruiters that help them. As unemployment numbers finally rebound, and attitudes from employees seemingly long trapped in companies or positions wherein they don’t engage, are um…evolving, employees/candidates/applicants are starting to realize that they’re people too. And survey says? They’d like to be treated as such!

Part of the issue that’s stumped candidate experience experts for so long is how much to engage with a candidate and for how long? And what differentiates an applicant from a candidate? At what point does the candidate experience cycle actually begin? Improved Experience points out that while there’s no definitive answer for this, there are obvious points where HR Professionals SHOULD be measuring outcomes:

Solicit feedback from job seekers about both experience and perception as they navigate your selection and hiring process. Gather quantitative and qualitative data from internal and external candidates at critical points such as application, interview, offer, and onboarding. Read more…

photo credit: Victor1558 via photopin cc