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#RedBranchWeekly: How Engaged is Your Team?

By Alison Wurth:

Well…is it? Employee Engagement has become a buzzword we all love to throw around. “Employee Engagement helps this, this and also this.” But, hey, it’s true. And, more than 70% of business owners believe employee engagement has directly driven greater business success. But only 16% of employees said they felt “connected and engaged” by employers in a recent survey. So where’s the disconnect? We know engaged employees stay longer and boost any organization’s performance. So why aren’t we going ‘all in’ on this strategy?

View 2019 as the year you make changes at your organization. The year where you put engagement on the forefront. Not sure where to start? In this #RedBranchWeekly, our partners at Hyphen, ClearCompany and Caliper have the strategies to create an engaged team for the new year.

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Hyphen: 12 Employee Engagement Ideas to Keep Your Team Happy

Coworkers discussing employee engagementEngaged employees are driven to provide higher quality work and productivity which naturally leads to superior customer service and, ultimately, increased referrals and sales. Win-win-win. The pros at Hyphen have compiled a list of fresh strategies for employee engagement. One example: hold open office hours. Studies show as little as six hours per week spent interacting with company leadership can yield up to 29% greater feelings of motivation and inspiration. Discover the other small changes you can make to transform your organization’s culture.

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ClearCompany: Onboarding + Performance = Engaged Employees

Team talking about employee engagementIn ClearCompany’s eyes, performance management and onboarding are directly linked to employee engagement. Don’t believe them? In this article, they have laid out 5 reasons you should focus on optimizing your onboarding practices to maintain an engaged team. Check out their list of reasons (and tips!) and find out why employee engagement strategies really do start on day one.

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Caliper: 5 Employee Retention Resolutions for the New Year

HR managers discussing employee engagementIt’s been reported that three million employees left their job voluntarily every month since June of last year. So, now is time to shift your strategies on retention. And, Employee engagement = employee retention. The people at Caliper have listed ways to boost your employee engagement that you may have not thought of! For example: encourage failure. Want to know why? This is one article you won’t want to miss.

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