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#RedBranchWeekly: How to Manage like Miranda Priestly


If you only read one of these articles this week, it should probably be the one our client Vitru published: “These Fictional Bosses Probably Used This One Team Alignment Tool” It takes a look at three bosses in show biz: Miranda Priestly, from The Devil Wears Prada; Michael Scott, from The Office; Charlie Townsend, from Charlie’s Angels. Each of these famous leaders are evaluated for their effectiveness as leaders, how they manage and most importantly: how they hire. This is a post you don’t want to miss!

Don’t get too caught up in Mirandawesomeness though, our other clients published some great articles too. Recruiterbox found a hilarious video that shows how Heineken turns the tables on their candidates and puts them in awkward positions, and ClearCompany published their Performance Culture Quiz which you should take right now: click here!

There’s so many more great things in this week’s #RedBranchWeekly, but I’ll let you find the rest for yourself… Don’t forget to share all this goodness with your social friends, and if you haven’t signed up for our newsletter yet


This week in the #RedBranchWeekly:


Recruiterbox: Feel Like Heini? You Will After THIS Interview [Video]

All job interviews are the same. What is your biggest strength? What is your biggest weakness? Many candidates will tell you what you want to hear… it is hard to gauge talent before you hire when everyone gives you the same answers. Passion. Perfectionist. The same tips for both the recruiter and the candidate are in a million different articles. Why not spice it up a bit? Heineken did. Wix.com did. Hudl did. Read more…


Vitru: These Fictional Bosses Probably Used This One Team Alignment Tool

Believe it or not, writing about psychometric testing can get pretty heavy. In the interest of keeping things light around here, let’s talk about big screen (and TV) bosses (and psychometric testing)! The idea is that any leader, in any industry, of any size can use employee assessment tools to recruit better, lead better and build better teams. Here’s how that would happen in a magazine HQ, a TV land paper company and private investigator firm. Read more…


Broadbean: Big Data Conversations with Dominic: Data Exploration

Businessman Writing the Word "Big Data"Does anyone feel that there are quite a few people talking about Big Data but no one really understands it? We’ve seen lots of analysts discuss the importance to companies and talent acquisition functions in particular but for the most part these are high-level conversations that don’t give the reader any real, actionable information (a bit of irony there if you ask me).  Read more…



ClearCompany: Describe Your Company Culture. Go!

Could you describe your company culture right now? Let me rephrase that: Could you accurately describe your company culture right now? If you asked several other employees, you might get wildly different answers. It might be because your organizational culture is all over the map or vague, but it could be that you have a great one and just don’t know how to identify and articulate the culture. No worries we’re here to help! Read more…


GreenJobInterview: 3 Things You Better Think About Before an Interview

InterviewPreparing for an interview is nerve wracking for the candidates and the recruiters alike. It can be off-putting for both parties, when one or both come unprepared for the interview. Out of a focus group of 200 individuals, 80% agreed that if an interviewer showed up 10 minutes late, it would leave a negative impression of the organization. Likewise, employers don’t approve of many new candidates’ communication skills. Read more…