HR and Holiday Parties

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Originally posted on October 31, 2013.

Office Parties Do’s and Do NOTS

medium_8277889785Tis the season! Starting with Halloween, straight to Thanksgiving and then on to Christmas, office party season is here. This is either your chance to shine, or an opportunity at a professional fail. While this is a chance to relax and have some fun with your colleagues, you cannot forget that they are in fact your colleagues. These aren’t your friends and this isn’t the corner bar.

Do Not Take a Fashion Risk

This isn’t the time to show off that rack that you have to keep hidden under a button up; nor is time for an offensive costume or gag outfit. Just be yourself and don’t try to make a statement with your clothes. If you feel strange or uncomfortable in these new duds, stop right there and change. Stand out with your personality and confidence, not with your body.

Do Get Out of Your Clique

This is your chance! This is the perfect opportunity to meet people outside of your department, or go up to that boss who has always intimidated you. They have a couple of drinks in them, and you probably do as well. If you attempt to strike up a conversation and it falls flat, politely remove yourself from the awkward situation and make a friend elsewhere. The wallflower rarely gets noticed, and you never know unless you try. Read more…

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