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This article was originally posted on March 20, 2012.

Video Interviewing, Resumes, and Screening Services Collide

large_234008516There seems to be some misinformation abounding about the use of video in recruiting and HR. While plenty of people are writing about the digital streaming and live video as it weaves itself more into HR Tech, fewer actual practitioners seem to understand why it’s useful, what it’s for and how it can help make their jobs easier. On the other hand, even as digital video invades every aspect of our personal and professional lives, there is reticence about the dangers and legal implications it may bring specifically to the world of work.

Almost universally, recruiting professionals point out that video resumes are a non-starter. Although initially embraced by the recruiting community recently HR pros and recruiters alike have been pointing out that they’re not easily scannable, they naturally take more time to look through and nearly everyone worries incessantly about the legal implications of discrimination claims. So why then, the purchase of VisualCV by Talent Technology late 2011? It could be because of the inherent misunderstandings surrounding Visual CV, which now bills itself as an online resume sharing service. The verbiage on blogs and websites touting video resume services went from excitement over the newest thing to detached interest in this “supplementary technique”. Read more…

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