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Originally posted on on April 12, 2012.

Take these Recruiting Methods from Marketers

If Recruiting is just Marketing and Advertising in sheep’s clothing, then we should all be doing the following, starting yesterday:

1) Expand your presence. Marketers in 2012 are making themselves available a little bit, everywhere. Should recruiters do the same? Marketers call this “streamlining your brand presence”, which is a fancy way of saying “reflect the same persona to all people”. This is an excellent idea for recruiters for multiple reasons, the first being that many people in the job market don’t understand the full extent of what we do: finding people for jobs (and not vice versa). It’s also a good idea to keep your brand in front of jobseekers (who tend to use Facebook) and hiring managers (who may get their news via email or LinkedIn), creating a presence that works well on all these channels and even trying out a new one or two (Pinterest anyone?) is a smart move for any recruiting pro.

2) Place increased value on analytics. Marketers are finding they have to justify the ROI for newer channels like social and mobile. Recruiters are in the exact same boat. Hence the growing number of HR technology tools that feature a dashboard like tool, giving even novice recruiting (and marketing) pros the chance to view how their “campaigns” are doing at a glance. Getting used to focusing on data now is an excellent idea with nearly every business publication and blog (including us!) touting the advantages and impending tsunami of big data and pros who are ready and willing to make sense of it. Analytics, particularly real-time, allow users to tweak their content and channels for the most advantageous response, key for public facing jobs like marketing and…you got it, recruiting.

It’s said in management and leadership circles that “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it” and this applies as much for social recruiting. The real problem though is what to measure that tells you the whole story of how you end up with the people you hire. Read this post from TribePad. Continue reading…

Bonus Tip: Not sure how to keep your process on track? Fit Small Business put together a guide for using Indeed in your recruitment process that will help you keep the process efficient.

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