I Came. I Saw. I Forgot Everything I Meant to Do at #SHRM13

HR, Maren Hogan, Marketing

I had a pretty big list of things to do this year at SHRM National in Chicago. I thought for sure that this would be

SHRM 2013 Wardrobe Choices

the year I was organized and on top of it! I planned out meetings and briefings. I even planned out my wardrobe. See awesome Instagram here.

I even brought business cards.

But SHRM was so awesomely organized and filled with thrilling stuff (and also I am the worst) that I didn’t do any of the things I had planned. Here are my plans versus the things I ended up doing:

What I planned: KILLING it at SHRM No Kid Hungry Charity Kickball game with Dovetail.

What happened: I fell, twice. But my team totally won! Video here.

What I planned: Walking the expo floor and grabbing business cards for the unfortunate Red Branchless folks out there in the marketplace.

What happened: I got a ton of leads but none from the floor. By the time I got out there, they shut off the lights

Screen Shot 2013-06-20 at 4.49.07 PM

literally. In other news, I have no concept of time.

What I planned: To have a brilliant “shoe strategy” that started with heels, went to wedges and ended with flipflops. This was supposed to keep me pain-free and hobble-free.

What happened: I actually pulled this off but I have bruises on my ankles and it was definitely NOT pain free. Thanks a lot Kelly Clarkson!

What I had planned: Being a tremendous resource during my Dice SmartBar sessions and helping hundreds, NAY, thousands of HR Pros with their tough social media questions.

What happened: I had to call Jeff Waldman over for help with an Android device.

What I planned: Hanging with awesome friends like Lizze Maldonado, Jenny Payne, Ryan Estis, Meredith Soleau, Kristi Jones, Jill Heineck and spending quality time IRL with Salima Nathoo, Josh Tolan, and Janine Truitt.

What happened: I saw these people for thirty second bursts and then ended up kicking myself for not hanging out with them longer!

Some observations about SHRM this year (and shoutouts!)

  • If the Dice blogger lounge gets any loungier, we’re gonna have to card people at the door! (PS i love this, never change it!)
  • By next year’s SHRM, I predict that Curt M. will have his own stand up act. He was a pretty darn good warm up for Kelly Clarkson 🙂
  • Love love LOVE SimplyHired’s new branding. It’s totally unexpected and I heard a ton of people commenting about it.
  • One of my beloved clients, Careerminds, did a standout job on social! Good job guys!
  • I miss the way that everyone used to have massage chairs at their booths. What the heck happened to that?Screen Shot 2013-06-20 at 4.48.52 PM
  • While the Hive being near the Expo hall was better for traffic, it was the worst for noise. When they started shutting that puppy down it sounded like a train was going through the SmartBar….every five seconds.
  • To echo some of Mike Vandervort’s observations, I agree that that Expo hall was shut down too soon. Say what you want about it being sales-y, it’s the heartbeat of the conference and also I didn’t get to walk the floor, so that also makes me sad.
  • I really love the concerts and parties at SHRM, it’s great branding for the companies that sponsor them. However,  conversely it’s not great branding when the parties are oversold, poorly planned or don’t live up to the hype. It’d be awesome if companies kept that in mind next time.
  • Shout out for some really cool OpenWeb demos, people seemed thrilled by the concept of sourcing with the new combined with the power of a database they understand. So many times in the space, when someone buys a newer technology, it is ignored or shelved. I love that this didn’t happen here.