If Rick Astley Were A Recruiter, He would Never…

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Originally posted on Recruiter.com October 24, 2013.

medium_232025953If you’ve ever been Rick Roll’d, or were just plain ever born, you’ve heard the infamous Rick Astley song, “Never Gonna Give You Up”. Hearing this song this morning struck a chord in my heart to write up another cheesy post with a seemingly unrelated pop culture tie-in. So here goes: If Rick Astley were a recruiter, there are several things he would never do!

1) Give You Up

If I know Rick, and I think I do, he would never give up on a quality candidate during the job offervolley. Nailing the initial job offer can go a long way in getting this candidate, but it doesn’t always work out the way we expect. The job offer should be seen as the ideal starting point for negotiations. If the recruiter, Rick in this instance, did his homework, he would have a complete candidate profile to work from.

Having a strong understanding about the candidate’s needs and expectations puts recruiters in safe zone for negotiations. This information creates room for give and take in negotiations so that Rick will never have to give up on a great candidate. Read more…

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