I’m giving up coffee j/k

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83% of execs surveyed said they would rather give up coffee before parting with their smart phone.

From a press release I got this morning, consider these findings of 300 executives from Forbes Insights (in association with Google):

Smartphones are second only to laptops in executives’ arsenal of devices

Many executives utilize a full array of devices for business purposes:On average, respondents had 3.46 devices each; CEOs (4.21 devices), CFOs (4.22 devices).

More than eight in ten use their laptop (45%) or desktop (37%) computer most frequently for business. A sizable minority– 12%, use a smartphone most often.

More than half of senior executives agreed that their mobile device is now their primary communications tool:Among executives under age 40, 73% see their mobile device as more critical to communications than their landline.

I think many of us can agree with the above statement, and we don’t really even have to be senior execs to prove it. From analysts to managers to the CEO, most of us would feel lost with out our devices. But to give up coffee? I don’t know…