Impressing Candidates.. Inexpensive and basic!

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Hey there Red Branch Media wrote an article that was posted on with tips on how to impress a candidate. A lot of companies aren’t large enough to afford big perks so, we ask this question: What can you feasibly offer candidates to make them turn their heads? 

How to Impress Candidates

Use social media to showcase your workplace positives. There are so many free sites that can potentially reach a whole lot of candidates. Fun and informative content attracts followers, friends, tweeps…whatever you want to call them. Some guidelines, if I may:

  • If you don’t know how to run your social media outlets, either learn, or have someone else do it. Looking incompetent on social media is professional suicide. If the world sees that you can’t figure out a site that their 8-year old nephew has mastered, that doesn’t look good. Outsource this to someone who knows your industry or find an ambitious internal pro to handle it.

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