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International Recruitment: You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

In just a few days, I’ll be joining my friends at Beyond to discuss the ins and outs of international recruitment. We’ve already collaborated on a book called Branding Beyond Borders and another called Recruiting Beyond Borders. But this webinar is advanced enough that I started to wonder what on earth they were doing having me join them!


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Like you, probably, I get how to brand in areas different than my home country. I get there is nuanced research that goes into creating a strategy that will transcend culture (or embed itself therein). I know smart people at places like Universum and in groups like #HROS and have been influenced greatly by the international community that is #TRU. But actually sourcing, recruiting and advertising for hires in a different country is a whole other ball of wax. One that, before preparing for this webinar, I didn’t really understand.


So, I asked Joe Stubblebine and Angie Brooks what the deal is. I asked them all the questions I didn’t understand.


  • How can you build a new talent force in a country where you don’t speak the language?
  • What legalities to talent acquisition directors have to overcome to win candidate eyeballs in new territories?
  • Who do you need on your team to make your international recruitment efforts a success?
  • Is global consolidation right for your recruitment efforts?


I got some great answers, but more importantly, they brought up questions I never even THOUGHT of. Through Beyond’s partnership with the Global Network, they understand global recruitment marketing ups and downs better than almost anyone.


They’ve been a client for over a year and even I had no idea how much they really know on recruiting internationally.


If you want to know what they know and how to start on the path of international recruitment success, you really do want to be on this webinar. It’s for advanced talent acquisition directors who have already been given the mandate of international recruitment.


Join me on March 2 at 1:00pm EST (that’s lunchtime here in Central!)

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