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6 Amazing Job Perks

Originally posted on Recruiter.com January 21, 2013.

medium_3283877050Take a second and pretend you’re not in that cubicle. Pretend you’re working for one of those insanely popular companies whose main goal in business seems to be to make their employees happy. Facebook, Google and Zappos are always in the spotlight for their employer brand, but here are a few perks that you may not have heard of.

Cisco Offers Acupuncture

Cisco’s state of the art fitness center in San Jose, California has taken corporate gyms to a whole new level. Not only does the Cisco’s LifeConnections Health Center offer acupuncture, this fitness center also offers primary health care and physical therapy. Their emphasis on a healthy work-life balancealso includes top of the line telecommuting technologies that provide a stellar work-from-home experience.

Boeing Offers 12 Paid Holidays

Not only do all employees get 12 paid holidays per year, they also receive a “winter recess” that lasts between Christmas and New Year’s Day. It sounds like Boeing really understands the totally necessary business practice of encouraging employees to take time off. Some are catching on slower than others, but leaders in employee engagement see the benefits of cutting employees some slack.

Johnson & Johnson Offer a Concierge Service

While this awesome perk isn’t offered to every employee, it is offered to a whopping 12,000 of them. This concierge service is meant to relieve the stress of everyday life and ensure that Johnson & Johnson employees are enjoying an above average work-life experience. You name the chore, and this service can take care of it. They also offer childcare and paid sabbaticals. Read more…

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