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How to Keep Off the Holiday Weight Gain at Your Desk Job

Research from the New England Journal of Medicine tracked the weight changes of participants from three different countries throughout the year to find out if holiday weight gain truly exists. The results: holiday weight gain is not a myth! Even in Japan, thought to be the healthiest country in the world, they too experience an average weight gain during their holidays too.

Weight Gain

Tackle on the sedentary life of a desk job with all of the holiday dinners, treats, stress and booze and you have a recipe for weight gain disaster! Take a look at our favorite tips for keeping the pounds off this holiday season, RBM style of course!

Tip #1 – Stand at Your Desk

Weight gain

Even if your desk isn’t tall enough to stand at, you can convert your desk to a standing space with one of these products!

Tip #2 – Take a break during the workday to play a game of cornhole…

Weight Gain

Or pool…

Weight Gain

… and if your workplace isn’t as fun as ours, you can still go on a walk around your building or take the stairs!

Tip #3 – Invest in office fitness equipment

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This desk workout bike has to be the best thing ever invented for the office. Spending 30 minutes on this puppy can help you burn anywhere from 100 to 300 calories depending on your resistance setting and speed. Check out the DeskCycle calculator to see how it works!

Tip #4 – Lay off the booze…

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While we definitely don’t recommend letting go of wine because it’s the best (and Jesus drank it too), you can switch from your regular brews to lighter beer, hard alcohol and sugary mixers to lighter mixers like club soda and water. Have you ever tried vodka waters with Mio? They are SO low cal and taste amazing.

Check out the 10 lowest calorie cocktails to drink at this year’s holiday events!

Tip #5 – Create a desk workout chart to keep everyone accountable

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You can make on on Google Docs and share it with your team or even put one up on a whiteboard or bulletin board in the office! We’ve even made this handy template on Google Docs your team can use. Just click below to gain access and make a copy of the template. Then brand it with your company logo and add your participants! If you want a tangible chart that can be printed and reused, take the dates out, names and even the exercises and print off a clean template. Then laminate the document and use dry erase markers to use them over and over again!

Incentivize employees to participate by having a movie outing or a fun early afternoon off if everyone completes their exercises.

Check out our Google Docs Desk Workout Chart. You can make a copy of your own (that way you can edit it) and start a healthier lifestyle now!