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#RedBranchWeekly: Do You Know the Latest Recruitment Trends?

By Marissa Litty:

There sure is a lot going on in the talent acquisition industry. We’re pretty well-versed in HR and recruiting trends, but even our team finds ourselves surprised by something at least weekly. Wondering what caught our attention this week? Well, Red Branch Weekly features a few exciting reads, a quiz to test your recruitment’s competitive edge, tech to watch and a leadership guide to follow. Are you looking for a resource for the latest trends in talent acquisition, HR and leadership? Well, our partners at ClearCompany, TalentTechLabs and Inspire Software won’t disappoint.

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ClearCompany: How Modern is Your Recruiting Process?

man on cell phone sunlight watchSometimes it’s hard to face the fact that our competition might have an advantage over us. And when it comes to talent acquisition, that advantage can mean the difference between attracting top talent or hearing crickets after a job posting. Unfortunately, living in denial does nothing to turn the problem around, so take a critical look at your recruiting process with this quiz. Don’t let the lighthearted results fool you. There’s real value to thinking about your program’s current standing. Plus, the experts at ClearCompany provide a little insight on how to make some changes. For the better.

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Talent Tech Labs: #HIRE18’S Recruiting Startup of the Year

honeypot io recruiting startup winnerWhat if candidates interviewed employers? Sounds crazy right? So crazy that it’s actually working. Honeypot.io is an invite-only community where employers can apply to vetted tech talent. If it sounds like this would never actually work, give this article a read because the results are incredible. It’s no wonder the company won SmartRecruiter’s 2018 Hiring Success Recruiting Startup of the Year. Talk about a look at the future!

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Inspire Software: A Beginner’s Checklist to Achieving Leadership Excellence

HR LeadersThere are more than a few ways for the modern recruitment team to organize and manage their program. And thanks to tech, there’s a tool, platform or app for just about any challenge we face. But as much as we love and rely on it, technology can never take the place of a skilled pro. This guide will refresh the experienced leader on best practices while helping develop those at the beginning of their leadership career. It’s free to download even!

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