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Kristine’s Cartoons: Marissa Always Sees the Bright Side…

It’s usually pretty cold and gray during the winter months at Red Branch Media. In fact, it’s so chilly that we have to bring in heaters and bundle up in our awesome Red Branch Mafia hoodies. But we’re not the only ones who office temps affect!

The Office Temperature Affects Your Mood

As it turns out, a low office temp can make you blue both physically and emotionally. Studies have shown cold temperatures can increase feelings of sadness and loneliness. But don’t turn up the heat too high! Consistently high temperatures can make workers feel sluggish and, therefore, less productive. Experts suggest keeping the temperature around 65 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit in order to find the productivity sweet spot. While Jeremy swears our Nest is set at a sweet 68 degrees, we’re still pretty cold.
On the bright side, our team is grateful for things beyond our subzero fridge of a workplace. Gratitude at work is crucial for a healthy team. In fact, Huffpo writer Noelle Nelson says:
“Unappreciated workers will give far less to their job than appreciated workers. Appreciation does not necessarily have to come in the form of higher pay. It can be the simple intangibles — complimenting a worker on a job well done, genuinely asking for employee opinions, or giving an afternoon off to the team after a significant accomplishment.”