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Kristine’s Cartoons: Sometimes Email Be Like…

Email marketing is not for the faint of heart. Writing compelling copy (that will most likely be ignored), designing beautiful layouts (in a code base as old as Betty White) and clicking sends to hundreds, nay THOUSANDS, of already overwhelmed business consumers MULTIPLE TIMES A DAY.
We don’t know how our email team handles it, but handle it they do! Global sends, Fortune 500 companies, nonstop deadlines and oh yeah, you have to add buyer behavior and marketing automation in too. In fact, rarely can an email campaign go out any longer without tracking codes, landing pages and a cadre of resources to support it.
It’s all worth it, though, when that one gentleman in Poughkeepsie says he’s going to hunt you down unless you take him “off your list” (he subscribed), the CEO from a client company who wants “more exclamation points in the next one” (even though you improved his open rate by 12% by cutting them) and the colleague who notices the typo in the third sentence….five minutes after the send went live.
But it’s worth it to invest in a great email marketing strategy. Here’s why:
  • According to the Direct Marketing Association, it yields an estimated 4,300% ROI.
  • Every dollar spent on email marketing offers a return of $44, says ExactTarget.
  • A nurtured lead increases sales 20% more than a cold lead.
  • At 33% less cost than other lead-generating mechanisms, emails generate 50% more sales.
  • Email marketing works 40 times better at getting customers than Facebook and Twitter.
  • 95% of people who sign up for a newsletter from a recognized brand consider the email useful.
So…thanks Kayleigh and Eric and all the talented project managers at Red Branch Media who work so hard to get emails out for our clients. We’ll turn up the heat in your honor!
And when it comes to email marketing, never…ever….let go.