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Kristine’s Cartoons: The DOO-b2b-DOOs

Content, SEO and Social are so intertwined it’s hard to imagine one without the others. In fact, at Red Branch Media, we work so hard to ensure they are linked that it can feel as dysfunctional as a girl band (I’m the Beyoncé!) But seriously, peep these stats on SEO/Content/Social and then tell me they aren’t supes intertwined:
  • According to the 2015 SearchMetrics ranking signals correlation study, social signals like Facebook likes and shares, Twitter tweets, and Google+ shares correlate closely with higher organic search rankings. (SearchMetrics)
  • 95% of all links created in traditional link building techniques aren’t very effective. They don’t bring in organic traffic nor do they bring in enough of your targeted audience to bring about the revenue and success you want to see. (B2C)
  • One theoretical internal linking strategy of the past was to “no follow” most of the links on a page, in order to increase the link juice to a single page. This type of page rank sculpting doesn’t work as an SEO strategy. (KissMetric)
While most people ooh and aah over our content and our clients’ content, very few realize just how many people are working in SEO and Social behind the scenes to ensure that content is seen, read and linked. Next time you sit down to write a piece, keep in mind the #werkbranch singers up there in Kristine’s Cartoons and don’t let Beyoncé take over!