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Kristine’s Cartoons: The Seedy Side of Creating an Instagram Presence

We all know that visual is as much part of a brand’s presence as any words could ever be. From video to clever cartoons (aw, shucks), picture is a huge part of marketing (or at least they should be). Enter Instagram, the photo sharing social network that all the cool kids use. From that Austrailian model who finally “got real” to the guy who got jiggy with his cat, Instagram is a haven for creatives. It’s also useful for small but mighty agencies in the Midwest to showcase their awesome culture. Cody and Cate have both been tasked with Instagram duty on the daily. But it’s not so simple when you can’t get your coworkers to pose! Here are some Instagram best tips, whether you’re using it for marketing or…this.
  • Use faces. People like it 38% more. (Cate, I’m ready for my closeup!)
  • 20% of the internet uses Instagram, that is a lot.
  • On average, posts by top brands receive 216 comments, with 50% of comments being posted in the first six hours and 75% posted in the first 48 hours.
  • According to SimplyMeasured, @mentions in captions receive 56% more engagement!! (Cody, tag your teammates!!)
  • Adding a location results in 79% higher engagement (hellooooo, we have the coolest office ever!)