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Kristine’s Cartoons: ‘Twas the Days Before Christmas

Christmas. A time of joy and of…virtually no accomplishments. Historically, productivity takes a dive during those final shopping days before Christmas. So….why fight it? Instead of driving yourself crazy delivering deliverables (that no one is paying attention to anyway) try these fun ways to stay focused during the holidays and still get some stuff accomplished:
  • If you want to buy gifts…design and finally purchase corporate giveaways for next year’s events.
  • If you’re desperate to make Christmas crafts…decorate the office with a co-worker or two!
  • If you would rather be signing holiday newsletters…create branded mugs for your coworkers.
  • If you’d prefer to be writing a list to Santa…channel your energy into an epic 2016 professional plan for yourself!
  • Want to be caroling? Instead, come up with a fun poem that describes your industry!
  • Wish you were at an office party? Schedule meetings with colleagues you don’t get to see to figure out post-New Year’s agendas.
  • Hoping for a quick vacation to get away from it all? Start planning your next conference “working” vacation.
While you can’t do all these things, you can find time to focus during the holidays and still further your workplace agenda. In fact, it’s a great time to do long-term planning and thinking and schedule meetings with vendors, colleagues and clients. Enjoy your final few sleeps until Christmas!
The days before christmas