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So we’re leaving, on a jet plane…

leavingDon’t know when we’ll be back again!

Well, we wish! Actually, Maren and Jeremy will soon be flying across the pond to galavant across Europe for a few weeks! So, it’s basically official. The red branches of media are officially in the hands of us, and don’t worry… they’re in good hands.

We’re branching out!

In this morning’s team meeting, Courtney and Eric encouraged us all to start thinking about what we want to accomplish this month while Maren and Jeremy are away. Courtney asked us to share a particular goal we have in mind to improve the work we do here at Red Branch Media. Want to know how we plan on branching out this month while our roots are on vacation? We asked the team to fill in this blank:

While Maren and Jeremy are gone, my goal is to ___(fill in the blank)___.

“Keep the team and all our projects moving forward. It was once said to be a slow month but we have a lot of stuff to produce for all our clients. We are the best B2B marketing team so we will knock July out of the park.” – Eric Foutch

Prove to them that I can take a leadership role seriously and deliver.” – Courtney McGann

“Make my blogs more relatable and have better SEO for the clients I write for, get my social sharing up so people see all of the articles RBM writes, and provide evidence on why we are the best B2B marketing team.” – Sarah Duke

Make sure all design work is flawless: spell checked, designed well, and that clients keep sending kudos to the work I make. I will also collaborate with Kristine to make sure we are getting all design work done each week so the design team is accounted for!” – Kyle Christensen

“Be the best point of contact while Maren and Jeremy are gone. I hope to be quick to answer the questions of clients and team members, whether I have the answer or they need to be directed to another person. I also hope to be as accurate and efficient in the finances. Gotta keep that dough rolling in! 😉” – Marissa Litty

Create some kick-ass email campaigns with 30% open rates and zero typos or errors.” – Kerry Pivovar

“Increase traffic to ALL of the blogs/websites for ALL of the clients and Red Branch Media, and ensure that all of the content and work being published is at its absolute best. I want Maren and Jeremy to come back and wonder why they even needed to, because we’ve got this!” – Shaley McKeever

Create seamless great-looking designs that will represent Red Branch and the clients we are working with. My designs together with the other Branchers’ work will help create solid campaigns, concepts, and design for our clients.” – Kristine Osbourne

“My goal is to remember that my communication amongst the Red Bees (as I refer to the gang) has to be strong. To keep the clients’ streams full, content flowing on Recruiter.com, and to complete great work.” – Fernando Ramirez