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Originally posted on July 3, 2012 on

What They Tell You to do about Candidate Experience

medium_3552111744Why is candidate experience everyone’s favorite subject? Because it’s easy to talk about and much harder to do. Here are some statements that busy recruiters hear all the time:

What they say: Go through your own application process.

Why they say it: Because it helps. Once you realize what it’s like from a candidate’s perspective, you get a better feel for your tech, you more easily see holes in the application process and you gain some much needed empathy for why they mess it up.

Why it’s important to do: Because you can’t truly understand your own technology, process and applicants unless you have walked in their shoes. Looking at it from the outside gives an organization perspective.

What makes it tough: Getting perspective is not the same as getting a check for a new ATS, time for a long term implementation or additional staff to extend your time so you can address whatever you find.

Bottom line: It may not change anything right away, but knowing is better than ignorance. While it may be frustrating to know about issues you can’t fix immediately, you’ll have a better candidate experience just for understanding your own systems. Read more…