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#RedBranchWeekly It’s Time to Change, Best B2B Marketing Practices, 7 Employee Incentives, Elements of a Stellar Onboarding Program, Improving Your Retention Rates

Red Branch Media has had a very exciting week! Our marketing efforts have proven to be the best. Let us prove it to you! Check out some of our client wins and new developments from this past week.

This week in The #RedBranchWeekly:

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There’s a Call for Change, and We Couldn’t Agree More!

Retention is the new acquisition. Employee engagement has been one of the biggest topics surrounding the HR and Recruiting world lately. While the market was tough for a while business are now seeing their talented employees walking out the door and they need to prevent that. Engaging your employees and creating a work environment that they enjoy working in will keep those talented people around.

The Top 7 Incentives and Perks Candidates Crave

Are you currently looking for new talent? Well we have some great tips for you. In this article we have compiled a list of seven great incentives to attract and retain those star candidates.

The Elements of a Stellar Onboarding Program

With low engagement and increasing turnover rates, organizations need to start investing in their talent from the start. Strategic onboarding is one of the more effective tools at an organization’s disposal to get employees producing faster, establish the employee’s value and create strong professional relationships in the workplace.

Is Addressing Attraction and Retention on Your To-Do List?

We are always looking to improve each step in the screening and interview process. There are a lot of technologies and products that can assist us but not everyone is using them to their full potential. In this article we wanted to address some interesting statistics and break down how we can improve them.

Creating Talent Pools Based on Big Picture Goals: Where to Start

Even when your entire HR department can clearly define the big picture goals, will they be able to map out how to get there, what the stages are and what talent will be needed for those processes? In this article we show you how to start in house and then branch out into your talent pool to organize and create a streaming strong list of candidates.

Spring is Here! Revisit Your Vacation Policy

It is time to start preparing for those summer vacation requests! Does your company allow your employees to take extra vacation? Are you able to afford to let employees take extra time for some R and R. In this article we help you take your current vacation policies and shape them into something that can be manageable for you and also keep your employees happy. A little extra vacation time can go a long way with an employee. Why not offer it?

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