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Meet the Brancher: Douglas Eicher

Today we’re spotlighting our latest addition to the Web Development team, Douglas Eicher. You could say Doug is a lover of all things, without ever excluding himself, as we quote, “My eyes? My whole body, really. The miraculous fact that the only thing missing is my hair isn’t lost on me,” Eicher said when we asked what his most prized possession is.

Doug’s outgoing personality is the touch of magic our website projects crave. Looking for proof? Try traveling the entire universe in ONE DAY. That’s what Doug would do with his one day granted of immortality, so I mean, you do the math and tell us that’s not ambitious.

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Creator of the (not yet existent) autobiography, “A Blurbled Tangle of Perfectly Chaotic Rigor,” would spend his days jamming to every genre of music imaginable (but most likely The Chemical Brother) in the simplistic and seclusive landscape of Austria every day if it weren’t for silly obligations like building entire websites and being a life coach, ya know, simply time passers.

Get to know Doug on the socials below for more laughs, dynamism and sarcasm:

Twitter: @DouglasRBM

LinkedIn: Doug on LinkedIn

RBM Insta ft. Doug: @redbranchmedia