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Meet the Brancher: Erin O’Gara

What was that? Did you say….Red Branch killin’ it so hard they…hired MORE AWESOME PEOPLE. This week, we’re celebrating the onboarding of the Dance Master and Karaoke Kween herself, Miss Erin O’Gara.

This adventurous gal is just what the team needed to continue pushing our “work hard, slay harder” environment (which by the way is the title of Erin’s unpublished autobiography).

As if spending 15 days in Puerto Vallarta Mexico, ziplining through the mountains isn’t cool enough, Erin told us if she could enjoy a day of immortality, she wouldn’t hesitate taking river raft rides down waterfalls, helicopter rides through wildlife reserves, and spend the evening with exotic animals- you know, the safe ones like lions and tigers and bears, your average snugglers.

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When Erin isn’t jamming to Ariana Grande, top fave artist for suresies, at her desk here at the Red Branch headquarters, she’s probs warming up by her prized possession (electric blanket) getting lost in the depths of the internet on Reddit.

Think you can handle the heat?

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Twitter: @AmericaOGarika

LinkedIn: Erin O’Gara

RBM Insta Ft. Erin: @redbranchmedia