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Meet the Brancher: Erin Olson

brancherErin, Erin, Erin. The learner fo’ days and self-proclaimed horror movie enthusiast, living a life of a wanderer. This Led Zeppelin fan girl is our spicy new addition to the web project coordination team who is ready for spontaneity and learning. OH GIRL IT’S COMIN’.

Erin was an obvious choice for the team because she has business strategy in mind. She tells us if mortality wasn’t an issue, she would perform mind blowing magic tricks and stunts UNDERWATER for an HOUR and make crazy money for being able to pull off all the stunts, while having a blast doing it. We look forward to your crazy mind blowing (business) stunts, mortal or not, here at the Branch.

Unlike most Millennials, Erin is convinced she could…hold your breath, *whispers* live without wifi given the opportunity to explore Zion National Park again or hike the mountains of Colorado for a living. I think she’s definitely proven her title and selling point for her faux autobiography, “Crazy Cat Ladies: Beating the Stereotype.”

“Introverted single cat owners aren’t crazy and can lead a pretty adventurous life,” she says.

When Erin’s not busy Instagramming her (not crazy) cats, she’s plotting her coast to coast bike route and business plan for her horror-themed bar (watch out 13th street), from the comfort of her own home, that her and her dad bought, fixed up and *grab a tissue* left special notes in the walls and tile patterns on the floor together. ERIN STAHP YANKIN’ OUR FEELS.

Watch Erin bike the country with a cat on her back, onions (fave food) in her lunch sack and a magic wand in her pocket on Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn!

Thanks for joining the Branch, Erin!