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Meet the Brancher: Kendra Tallman

brancherToday’s spotlight goes to our new, sarcastic and goofy introvert, Kendra Tallman, RBM’s recent email marketing intern! “Bloom where you are planted,” by Anonymous is the quote that keeps Kendra moving toward her life goal of being a cat and, like a cat, Kendra is a strategic thinker. She tells us if she were immortal for a day, she would spend the day creating her costume and fearlessly fight crime as Catwoman by nightfall.



If you could be immortal for a day, which superhero would you be? @kendra_rbm has plans: Click To Tweet


All obligations aside, this ancient book collector would die to wake up in Munich, Germany with a copy of The Iliad in hand (1883 versions only, please), where the parks, gardens and delicious cuisine are endless in this kickback city. Aside from this insanely neato dream, if Kendra were to craft an autobiography someday, she’d title it, “A How-To Guide On Leaving the House as Little as Possible,” how very cat-tastic, and definitely #relatable.

Kendra tells us she has a tendency to cry at everything, which makes sense considering her favorite app is Viridi, a digital succulent garden that plays peaceful music, but she also has a fear of clowns – what a mix of emotions, we’re fighting back tears, both happy and scurr’d too!

Kendra’s cool as a cucumber, which is confusing because she hates cucumbers, but we don’t mind keeping the mystery alive. Follow this adventurous and talented actress and see what she’ll accomplish next at The Branch!


The socials: @kendra_rbm & LinkedIn