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Meet the Brancher: Laura Beck

There’s nothing we love more than adding more creative and sassy splash to our company culture. Without further ado, we welcome our latest graphic design intern, Laura Beck!

Laura’s a sarcastic soul who loves to “Live, laugh and Love,” (also her favorite quote), while painting and drawing, which she modestly says she’s ‘pretty good at doing.’

A few of Laura’s favorite things include being sassy, traveling through England while admiring their incredible artwork (where she also studied abroad!), and scrolling the many lengths of design inspirations on Pinterest. We’re also convinced Laura’s not actually afraid of anything considering she’s afraid of heights but wouldn’t let her fears get in the way of doing something high off the ground. We’ll watch from down here!

We have a new design intern! Learn all about @laura12_rbm here: Click To Tweet

More fun facts we learned about Laura this week include her hate for people who chew with their mouths open, slow drivers and spiders. Stay on Laura’s good side by driving the speed limit and chewing quietly while also being willing to rid of spiders if one crosses her path.

Want to learn even MORE?! That’s what social media is for:

Twitter: @laura12_rbm
LinkedIn: Follow Laura
RBM Instagram ft. Laura Beck: @redbranchmedia