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Meet the Brancher: Stevie Howard


You know it’s Fall time at Red Branch Media when we’re signing up for our marketing e-learning lessons and welcoming a huge batch of spry new interns! Today, we’re spotlighting our caring, nerdy and hard-working social media intern, Stevie Howard.

Our new social media intern is a serious animal lover with a grand total of seven pets (1 dog, 3 cats & 3 rats). But let’s skip on the insects, spiders freak Stevie out to the max; so much so, she won’t kill them in fear they’ll come back to life and return revenge! Don’t worry, we keep a tidy house here, no spiders allowed!

When she’s not busy snuggling with her furry fam, we can make a solid guess she’s either studying her brains out working toward her digital marketing degree for Bellevue University or trackin’ cals ‘n’ steps on her fave running app, MapMyRun. She’s also a budding photographer and you can catch her contributions on the company Instagram.

If we could create a dream planet for Stevie to live on, it would have that California vibe (the place she feels most at home) flood it with animals, duhz, large speakers blasting Fleetwood Mac and a law against shoes and socks.

Join Stevie on her adventure through The Branch and heck, maybe you’ll even get a chance to see her write her fantasy autobiography titled, “Beating the Odds: You’re Only Limited By How Much You Allow Yourself to Be.” Welcome, Stevie!


Connect with her on Twitter (@Stevie_RBM) & LinkedIn!