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Meet the Brancher: Josh Trecartin

BrancherAs Red Branch Media continues to grow to new heights we are bringing on more and more talent. The newest leaf on the Red Branch, uh, branch is Josh Trecartin. As the Social Media Administrator, Josh handles social media for about 15 clients with the help of the social media team Shalaina Ocasio, Shaley McKeever, and moi, Cody Tromler. Josh also works with clients on press releases, as he comes from a background of non-profit work and is sharpening his PR skills to work in the cutthroat world of B2B.


Dying From Living

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In addition to being a pretty sweet band name, this is also the title of Josh’s yet unwritten autobiography. Since Josh plays bass in two different bands, it’s pretty fitting on a couple of levels. Put him together with designer Kyle Christensen and we have the start of a Red Branch Media band! (I’ve heard Maren sings too….) Josh is also used to the hustle and bustle of Minneapolis so working hard and playing hard are second nature to Red Branch’s first ever rock star! Though he does long to live in Laguna Beach, so maybe he is looking for a place to lay back and relax as well. He must have a beach bum in him somewhere because although we all live in Omaha, he seems to have a pretty nice tan most of the time.

Sorry Not Sorry


While Josh claims to hate the word sorry he describes himself as calm, kind and loving, so if you end up working with him through us, expect a great attitude, but no apologies! We are fine with Josh’s dislike of sorry though since he values friends and relationships above anything else, and with a hatred of spiders he already has something in common with half the staff. (Who LOVES spiders, really??)

The social team and everyone else at Red Branch is excited to have Josh on the team and he’s already survived our trial by fire training process so we hope to keep him around for a long time! His internship ends in December and we’re already plotting how we can persuade him to stay. STAY TUNED!
Help us welcome Josh as a Brancher by bombarding him with messages on twitter! @JoshTrecartin