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Meet the Brancher: Kevin Rigard

brancherKevin is one of Red Branch Media’s newest Branchers. He happens to be our Marketing Automation Specialist so he is responsible for making sure everything and everyone gets where they need to go on time whether they’re in Hubspot, Marketo, Pardot or MailChimp.

Kevin’s talents don’t end with Marketing Automation though, in his youth he was a city champion bowler AND he has been known to cut a mean piece of rug, be it country or ballroom. We’ll be giving him many, MANY nicknames…


It’s the title of the book about Kevin’s life (which will be published right around 2039). It’s no shock that someone like Kevin who describes himself as “analytical” would give his autobiography such a grounded title. Kevin also describes himself as adventurous and given that he wishes he could close his eyes and wake up in Australia it’s hard to doubt his self-assessment.

Being Even Isn’t Odd

Kevin likes to keep things organized and even, he says he doesn’t HAVE to but just likes to eat candies in even numbers. We will be putting that to the test though, 3 skittles at a time. When it comes to volume though the even numbers thing is non-negotiable. So…..33 skittles?

Kevin’s love of organization is what fuels his love for LastPass, his favorite app, it lets him organize accounts and their passwords. Given how many he has to keep track of, we are happy he is taken with it. Kevin describes himself as loyal too so he will probably stick with LastPass as long as he can.

Tomorrow Is Not Guaranteed

A quote to live by, and one that is impossible to find an accurate source for! That quote is a favorite of Kevin’s and might be the reason why, if given the chance to be immortal for a day, Kevin would do some death-defying stunts. Base jumping in a wingsuit or snow kayaking specifically. Most likely set to an all Eric Clapton soundtrack since Kevin describes Clapton as the pinnacle of acoustic music.

Help us welcome Brancher, Kevin, to the Red Branch family by bombarding his twitter (@kevinrigard) and Linkedin with stuff!