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Her Name is Kerry, She’s So Very…

Fly, Oh My…

…it’s a little bit scary! Miss Kerry Pivovar is our e-mail marketing expert here at Red Branch Media. She’s the master behind those emails in your inbox from Red Branch and its clients that you just can’t help but open. Therefore, we figured it’s time to introduce you to this creative lady.

Kerry-ProfilePicHer last name is beer. 

Well, actually her last name is Pivovar.

Pivovar means brewery in Czech, and Pivo means beer. So if you’re in need of marketing automation, just ask us for a cold one. We’ll know what you mean. Just kidding. That was probably a bad joke, but I know Kerry will appreciate it. Because she’s lighthearted and carefree . But don’t let that fool you, she describes herself as being competitive, too! She also says that she is resourceful which definitely comes in handy when she’s designing complex email campaigns… or trekking the globe.

You can’t hold her down.

Kerry is a travel bug, and she wants to see the world! She’s visited Spain, Italy, Ireland and the Czech Republic to name a few. She even studied abroad in France for half of a year, and she really misses it! If she could be anywhere in the world right now, it would be Paris; sitting in a cafe with her best friends, drinking a cafe au lait and eating a pain au chocolat. Oh, and did I mention she speaks French? Oui, oui! Her cellphone is even in French, so she’s legit.

“If it scares you, do it.” 

That’s her favorite quote, and it represents her attitude towards life perfectly. If she were immortal for a day, she would summit Mount Everest. YIKES! Nothing stops her. Not even these three things:

1. Rain – Kerry loves the rain (she gets to wear her cute rain boots and it makes her happy)

2. Goalies – Kerry kicked grASS in college soccer for 4 straight years!

3. Stop Signs – Apparently, it’s Kerry’s biggest pet peeve when people come to a complete stop when they don’t have to.

Help us CHEERS to beer.

Celebrate Kerry today by tweeting at her, or connecting with her on LinkedIn. No, it’s not her birthday. We just haven’t officially introduced her on our blog quite yet (my bad).

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