#NextChat Recap: The Candidate Experience & You

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By Erin O’Gara

The competition for talent is tough, which has many organizations focused on improving their talent acquisition tactics. One of those tactics finally grabbing attention is the candidate experience. No longer are businesses questioning effects it has on hiring and management. In fact, a bad candidate experience strategy can mean poor candidate attraction and lower employee retention.

The growing attention on candidate experience is fueled by many factors, but the increasing number of options in employers is definitely at the top. Talent is in the driver’s seat.

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Delivering an awesome experience to applicants takes thought and energy. This week, SHRM’s #NextChat conversation touches on this topic. If you couldn’t make it to the conversation, don’t worry. We gathered some of our favorite responses here.

Q1. In your experience, where are employers failing when it comes to the candidate experience in 2017?

Lena (@lena_nguyen), David Kovacovich (@DavidKovacovich),  Kelli S. (@HrMillennial) and WCN (@WCN_eRec) had top-notch answers! Communication is key to creating an ongoing candidate experience. Also, gathering feedback from candidates can improve your hiring process in the future.

Q2. As an employer, what is your biggest challenge with creating a better candidate experience?

Andrew Henck (@MillennialTweet), Michael Townsend (@MikeTownsend28), Annie Good (@LifeLessonsHR) and Greg King (@GreginHR) mention challenges all managers know: Timely feedback, using resources effectively and making communication frequent and consistent. Each are crucial to creating a better candidate experience. No one wants to be left in the dark when it comes to a prospective job.

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Q3. What is your organization doing to improve the application process for a better candidate experience?

Triage (@TriageStaff), JD (@JD_Dillon), and Jon Burgard (@JBurgardHR) said creating a user-friendly experience will help candidates through the funnel and build a positive employer brand.

Q4. How is your organization improving the interview process through manager training or other process or procedural changes to create a better candidate experience?

Sarah M. (@HRsarcaSM) and Don Cross (@CrossOverHR) think diversity could do wonders for hiring and candidate experience. Unconscious bias training and finding diverse leaders to conduct interviews will lead to improved inclusion.

Q5. How is your organization changing the way you communicate with applicants to improve the candidate experience?

Nexxt (@NexxtHR) had the best answer! Text recruiting is a great way to reach a broad range of candidates. It also provides a great sense of two-way communication. Remember, the candidate experience includes every part of the hiring process, from the time you post the job to the time you extend an offer.

Q6. A robust careers site is a critical component of the candidate experience because it communicates the employer culture and brand. What are some unique ideas for building a compelling careers site?

According to Kylie White (@Hi_HeRo_People) and Kyra Matkovich (@KyraMatkovichHR), sharing the stories of current employees and their experience with the company can make impactful connections. This is especially true when done through a short video where you can really connect to the individual.

Q7. How does your organization conduct candidate experience analysis or solicit feedback to improve the process?

We liked Genna Toth’s (@Gem4ever) focus on feedback. Getting feedback from hired employees will help improve the hiring process.

Q8. As a job seeker (past or present), what advice can you share with employers about how you think they could make the candidate experience better?

Valerie Streers (@ValerieNStreets) and Ed Tsyitee Jr. (@GreenChilleAdict) think you should go through the process yourself, and we agree! Apply for the company position you are advertising for and see how you like the experience. How do you feel when you read the job ad? Is the application complicated to fill out? If you have troubles with your own hiring process, you can bet one of your candidate’s will, too.

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