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#NowPlaying: Music for Your Office Party

By Kyle Christensen:

Planning or attending an upcoming office party? You’ll need to have awesome activities and amazing food. Having the right music can make or break it though, so make sure you crank THIS amazing office party music playlist! We can almost guarantee instant party mode. Don’t forget to check back next month because we roll out playlists monthly.

“When I think of a ‘party music’ playlist, I picture ‘Get Low’ by Lil Jon on repeat, like, the entire time.”

– Jimmy Schleisman, Jr. Project Manager at Red Branch Media (@RedBranchJimmy)

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Perfect Office Party Tip #1: The Activities

To have the perfect office party, one must first have the proper activities. What you do to pass the time will shape the memories and camaraderie with your fellow officemates. Whether you’re on a budget or you’re just looking for some good old-fashioned fun, I’ve got you covered. Here are my 3 suggestions for an amazing party.

  1. Card/Board Games: Don’t you dare scoff at this one. Board games will ALWAYS make a dull night into a hilarious, fun night. This doesn’t mean you have to break out the old “Mouse Trap” or “Candy Land,” I’m talking about adult games. You’re going to have a night to remember with these suggestions from Buzzfeed article, “18 Fun Party Games That Are Perfect For Big Groups.”
  2. Start a “Mario Party” or Band: Some of the best memories I have are ones shared playing video games. Now, take the 2 best party games in the history of video games and apply it to your office party to kick it up a notch and “turn it up to eleven.” These 2 games are “Mario Party” for Wii and “Rock Band/Guitar Hero/Band Hero” for any console. Mario Party is a turn-based type game that plays like a digital board game on your TV, complete with mini-games and sabotage that will show you who your true friends really are. Those band games are basically Karaoke but to the next level. You’ll have a plastic guitar, bass, drum set and microphone that digitally hooks up to your console to play along to current and classic songs. In this game, your band has to work together to make sure you hit enough notes without making too many mistakes or the song will crash and you’ll fail. Do great and your coworkers will be impressed and have fun being at a concert performed by their fellow officemates I’d recommend purchasing a Wii, the 2 games and all the band equipment from eBay or your local used game shop, as they’re incredibly cheap nowadays since newer Nintendo consoles like the Switch are available.
  3. Trivia, Awards or Contests: Some things we like to do at Red Branch Media are staples of hands-on employee-styled activities. These consist of doing “Brancher Trivia,” where 2 teams work together to answer work-related or employee-related questions, contests such as hula-hoop championships or musical chairs with gifts and if all else fails, throw your own awards show for your team where employees are called one-by-one to receive personal or funny awards in an “Oscars-type” style, complete with personal short speeches.
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Perfect Office Party Tip #2: The Food

Step 2 for your perfect party? The food. Having food that wow’s employees is a sure-fire way to boost morale and keep stomachs from growling. Depending on your budget, there are many ways to approach the food situation. Before you buy, I recommend taking one of these approaches to your food purchase.

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Perfect Office Party Tip #3: The Playlist

You guessed it. The last tip for an amazing party is the music. The music will ultimately set the tone for your event, and if you’re playing dull, non-relative and less than appealing music, your employees will probably spend time on the sidelines quietly eating their food or drinking. We don’t want you to be that party host, so each Brancher here at Red Branch Media took the time to share their favorite party songs. We mashed them all together into one epic playlist, provided for your enjoyment and office party at the end of this article. Bookmark this article or follow the playlist on Spotify now!

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There’s no way your office party can be a boring now. Make sure to plan your activities, prep your food and play this crowd-pumping playlist. Your employees will thank you, and memories will be created. Take it from us, we’re company-culture pros. Don’t believe me? Check out our Instagram!

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