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#NowPlaying: Music to Spark Imagination

By Kyle Christensen:michael scott the office don't wanna work

Coffee might have gotten you to work today, but maybe you’re struggling to come up with new ideas for your team. You’re probably stuck in a creative rut, drowning in writer’s block or you quite simply can’t brain. That’s okay. The professionals here at Red Branch Media collaborated to give you a new playlist that’s designed to spark your imagination and ignite your creativity to fight these dull days. Listen to it at the end of this article or find it on our Spotify channel! Don’t forget to check back next month because we roll out playlists monthly.

“Sometimes when I need to focus or concentrate, a good melody or smooth vocal can be the best vehicle for inspiration.”

– Jimmy Schleisman, Project Manager at Red Branch Media (@RedBranchJimmy)

michael scott runs speed sign gifClimbing Out of Your Rut | Tested Tip #1: Walk or Run

According to the article, “6 ways to get out of your creative rut” by Holly Kielty on Creative Bloq, she states, “Going for a run can give you a great opportunity to just think.” She goes on to say, “On runs I’ve come up with the thrust for whole presentations, written backs of pack, come up with design routes – all without the presence of a laptop.” I completely agree. Walking or running with or without music gives your mind a chance to take a break from your workload to do something else. It’s a great opportunity to step back and think about your project while you’re away from and come back with a different mindset.

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If you don’t believe me, Jason Karaian of Quartz at Work mentioned in his article, “A legendary ad man’s simple advice on breaking out of a creative rut” that Sir John Hegarty (a freaking ad legend by the way) shares, “I do my best thinking when I’m not thinking.” And to “Get out there. Just walk it off.”

How we integrate it: At Red Branch Media, we are encouraged to take a 20-minute walk break at some point during our workday to recharge, regroup and reenergize that creative spark.

florida stanley smiles the office gifClimbing Out of Your Rut | Tested Tip #2: Travel

This one is important. Much like taking a walk or run break, it’s equally important to take a vacation or, quite simply, just get out of town. According to the article, “11 Sure-Fire Ways to Get Out of a Creative Rut” by Christine Harman of Contrastly, she believes, “When we’re around the same sights day in and day out, it’s only a matter of time until our creativity will start to suffer. Traveling can help you view the world with a completely new perspective.” So if you’re deep in a rut…get out.

How we integrate it: At Red Branch Media, we’re offered amazing vacation benefits. What makes us different than any other company though, is our conference stipend. Every one of us here has the opportunity to go to at least 1 conference a year, which allows us to fully optimize this tip by getting out and getting inspired.

stanley the office excited gifClimbing Out of Your Rut | Tested Tip #3: Change Your Environment

The last tip I want you to try is to change your environment. According to “How to Climb Out of a Creative Rut” by Sophia Dembling of SUCCESS Magazine, “If you usually work in a busy office, try working in solitude. If you usually work alone, try working among other people at a coffee shop or co-working space.” Basically, if you’re used to working in a particular environment, try working in the opposite. Sophia also mentions that you can try to redecorate your space — “Aim for a tranquil, but not stark, environment with only a few colors, patterns and carefully selected objects.”

How we integrate it: At Red Branch Media, we utilize this tip in multiple ways. Here’s how:

  • Work from home days: This allows us to change up our environment by working in the comfort of our own homes.
  • A designated quiet zone: We have an area of the office that’s designated as a quiet focus zone. It’s composed of a couch, rug, comfortable cushioned chairs and a coffee table to allow Branchers to relax and switch to working in a more calming environment.
  • Decorated desks: If you walked into our office, you would find pictures of loved ones, decorations and things that make us feel comfortable at our desks. It seems like an obvious tip, but decorations really do transform an office desk into a home-y desk.
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Getting stuck in these creative ruts happen to us all. Understanding how to deal with them and get out of those ruts will be vital to your career. Just remember these 3 easy tips: Walk or run, travel and change your environment. They’re tested by your favorite marketing agency, and they work for us!