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Onboarding Doesn’t Have to Be a Catastrophe!

By Hannah Wilson:

Do you ever feel like the emoji with its head exploding while onboarding a lot of new clients? Gaining multiple new clients at once is super exciting, but it can become stressful if you don’t know how to keep track of them all. Having a streamlined onboarding process is a must, but there’s more to it than walking new clients through a one-size-fits-all checklist. Here are some ways you can make client onboarding less catastrophic.

Set the RIGHT expectations RIGHT away

So, you’ve completed all of the phone calls. You know all about your new client, and you’re probably already thinking of great ways to implement your ideas for them. You are beginning to find out exactly what this client is going to expect. Red Branch has a great portfolio, so even before we onboard, our clients are familiar with the work we can produce. To build-up and keep a good reputation throughout the marketing and advertising field, you have to keep delivering high-quality work.

Do you ever feel like the emoji with its head exploding while onboarding a lot of new clients? If so, check out these tips from @Hannah_RBM on making #onboarding less catastrophic, and score some free resources Click To Tweet

When you get your first project from your new client, and then your second, third, etc., know that it’s okay to say no to excess work. Your client is equally excited about the new partnership, but not every project needs to happen in their first campaign.

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Saying ‘no’ is okay, as long as you can explain why the project should be put on hold. You have to ensure you can successfully complete all the projects and tasks you currently have, and to not take on too much work. When you deliver quality work to your client and they’re impressed, they can’t help but ask for more. Say ‘yes’ to what’s in the mandate first, and if you have the time after that to branch out, then yes, take the opportunity to try something new for your new client.

Spend time getting to know each new client

Although you’ve completed an onboarding audit, it’s important to get to know each new client inside and out. Spend time getting to know each new client…and do it on different days. You don’t want to mud the water with fresh clients. Learn their voice and key differentiators between them and their competitors.

You’re better able to answer your client’s questions when you know the ‘why’ behind the service they provide. It’s easy to get caught up in work from all of your new clients, but you have to keep your other clients in mind, too. As much time as you are spending getting to know each new client, you should be keeping up with all other client goals. Give new clients the attention they need, but make sure to stay up to date with all of your clients.

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Know the importance of labels & writing things down

The importance of labeling cannot be expressed harder. With new clients comes more emails, and with more emails comes a need for labels. You are going to have new blogs, reports, and campaigns to keep track of, so do yourself a favor by labeling each document with who the client is, and possibly even what it pertains to. Also, write things down. Somewhere. “Oh, I’ll just remember it” is a lie. You will most likely forget. Keeping notes for each client can benefit you when it comes to you needing that information in the future.

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No two clients are alike, and the same marketing strategy probably won’t work for each of them. Managing multiple clients may seem intimidating, but it’s also exciting. It’s a breath of fresh air to onboard new clients, but also good to enhance relationships with already existing clients. Even if you become stressed, go at it with the same effort and energy you give all your other clients. Stick to your onboarding process, make changes where needed, and live up to your company’s expectations values. See how our work speaks for itself.