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#RedBranchWeekly: How to Overcome these 3 Leadership Mistakes

By Marissa Litty:

Leaders are humans and humans make mistakes. Of course, that goes for even really experienced managers who have the best intentions. In fact, if you are in charge of a team, you’re probably thinking of a few different situations where things didn’t go quite right. This is the Red Branch Weekly for you and aspiring managers. Have you ever mismanaged a project or overlooked a step in the training processes? Check out these tips for overcoming common leadership mistakes from our partners, Inspire Software, IQTalent Partners and iRevü.

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Inspire Software: 4 Common Leadership Training Mistakes To Avoid

Especially when it comes to new hires, training could be your chance to make the right first impression, so making the wrong move could affect everything from engagement to retention. Rather than disappointing your potential leaders, take a look at this quick read.

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IQTalent Partners: You’re Losing Crucial Talent Opportunities – Mending The Process

Maybe you’re making mistakes that affect your ability to even hire a solid team. Even worse, you might not even realize your turning top talent away from your organization. Instead, mend your recruitment process with these tips.

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professional discussing performance over desk to avoid feedback leadership mistakesiRevü: 5 Ways to Turn Performance Review Feedback into Goals for Improvement

Sometimes the greatest leadership mistake is ignoring tried and true tools. In this post, Michael Heller discusses all the ways managers can use feedback into goals so your team can see better productivity. Take a look!

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