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#RedBranchWeekly: 3+ Painless Succession Planning Tips

By Marissa Litty:

Don’t worry about the future of your company. Completely disregard your budget. Overlook all business goals.

Sounds like bad advice, right? Unfortunately, a global study of over 2,000 directors found only 14% had a detailed board succession plan. Another survey showed 40% of organizations have no plan at all. Leaders are essentially following all of the previously mentioned bad advice when they don’t plan for the loss of crucial employees. Our partners at Inspire Software, ClearCompany and WCN have found some easy to follow solutions. Stop sabotaging your company with these succession planning tips. Heck, success is in the ‘succession’ after all!

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Inspire Software: 3 Seriously Simple Ways to Fix your Succession Plan

Let’s cut to the chase. This article is a seriously great read for anyone just starting their succession planning journey. With this guide, you will understand how important a succession plan is and how to go strategize your own, unique approach. While some elements won’t happen overnight, everything included is critical to the succession planning discussion.

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ClearCompany: How Focusing on Employee Experience is the Key to Engagement

So the employee experience is starting to gain coverage in the HR world, and that’s because it’s yet another part of management everyone has been trying to perfect for a long time. In the simplest terms, employee experience is all about the workplace, both physical and psychological. With the right employee experience, employees are engaged and productivity is high. More importantly, workers are skilled and prepared to jump into open roles. Are you seeing the succession planning connection here?

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WCN: The Ultimate Guide to Navigating Internship Programs at Your Organization

Internship Guide

Internship programs are a great opportunity for organizations. They help introduce leaders to freshly educated talent and provide opportunities for innovation. Meanwhile, they can offer valuable connections for potential talent pipeline nurturing. An intern won’t be heading a department next month, but they are capable of impacting business goals. And while they’re gaining skills, your company is fostering a relationship that can last for years to come. This is the ultimate guide to understanding that connection and fostering your own.

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