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12 People You’ll See at the Office Holiday Party

By Madison Knopik:

With the holiday season quickly approaching, everyone is planning the yearly office party. Every year it’s filled with awkward conversations and that feeling that comes with seeing your coworkers in a social setting. This can be a frightening situation for new workers or a dreaded task for tenured employees.

However, here’s a compiled list of people you may run into at the party. Use the list to prepare yourself for this year’s office party.

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Beth the Boss

Drawing attention as she walks in the room, Beth can be seen as intimidating. She’ll have you laughing at her jokes even though you’ve heard them 1,000 times before. It’s best to remember she’s human too and just wants to enjoy her night.

Beth the Boss at the office partyMingling Marty

Marty showed up to work the room. He’ll turn a party into a networking event with the higher-ups and take advantage of any opportunity to climb the corporate ladder. This person will most likely bring up work or boast about themselves, it’s best to steer clear if you don’t want to talk about these topics.

Mingling Marty at the office party

Companion Cathy

You’ve never seen Cathy before but can tell she clearly doesn’t work at the company. Cathy is someones plus one. She is awkwardly standing on the edges while trying to avoid small talk and staying out of her companion’s way. You should go up and introduce yourself. She could be the most exciting person at the party!

Companion Cathy at the office party

Talkative Todd

Todd is a social butterfly that can’t be stopped. He can and will talk to you about anything and everything. You don’t want to be cornered by Todd or you’ll likely be stuck there for the remainder of the night.

Talkative Todd at the office partyPhotographer Phoebe

Phoebe is absolutely addicted to all things shareable. She is going to document every second of the holiday party and you will most likely end up on her Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat feed almost instantaneously. Avoid this partier if you don’t want unflattering photos of yourself to go viral.

Photographer Phoebe at the office party

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Hasty Henry

Henry has been trying to leave since the moment he walked in. He clearly has someplace else to be, but showed up out of obligation. If you want to speak with Henry, grab his attention early on before he slips out.

Hasty Harry at the office partySurprising Sally

Sally is that one coworker who is really quiet and professional, perhaps even a bit reserved. After a few cocktails, Sally burst out of her shell, showing a new side to her. You’ll likely hear her spouting hilarious jokes and being a totally different person than the one behind the desk. She’ll end up being the life of the party. Seek her out to have a great time!

Surprising Sally at the office partyHeavy-Handed Harry

Harry is over-excited about the party and threw caution to the wind when it came to the open bar. Whether he’s speaking a little (or a lot) too loudly, telling rather personal stories, dancing like a maniac or getting into some other shenanigans, his behavior will turn heads.

Heavy-Handed Harry at the office partyWorkaholic Whitney

Whitney can’t be around coworkers without bringing up the latest projects or stats. Even off the clock, Wendy is talking about work. Avoid getting stuck talking to Wendy for too long or else you’ll end up punching the time clock.

Workaholic Whitney at the office partyChecked Out Chad

Chad is packed and ready to go on either vacation or on to a new company. His carefree approach to the party can be quite entertaining and amusing to watch. Chad won’t remember anything you talk about as he is already mentally checked out. Don’t forget to say goodbye for it could be your last opportunity.

Checked out Chad at the office partyVanishing Val

Like a ninja, Val disappearing from the party without a trace. You can’t remember seeing her after the dinner but didn’t see her leave. Val came to enjoy the parts she likes and vanished before enduring awkward small talk.

Vanishing Val at the office partyDancing Daryl

You can find Daryl cutting a rug on the dance floor. He’s been practicing his moves all year long and couldn’t wait to try them out. Although his moves aren’t on trend, his infectious attitude will light up the room and make the dance floor a hot spot to be. Go boost a move with Daryl!

Dancing Daryl at the office partyFrom our office family to yours, we hope you have a fun and safe holiday office party!

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