Pirate Hats, Legos and Skateboards


We had children galore at the Hogan house over the holidays. Between December 20 and well, yesterday, it was all underpants, toilet paper fiascos, massive quantities of spaghetti and Wii fights. But usually, I just have the three boys. One night when it was just my boys in the house, I tiptoed out of the bedroom after prayers, stories and songs and trip over these three things in the hallway: a pirate hat, a lego starship something or other and a skateboard.

I started thinking about my kids and how their lives are pretty un-complicated. And I started wondering about how I could make mine less complicated. Here’s what I came up with:

Pirate Hats- The pirate hat speaks to me of imagination, make believe and role playing. I think sometimes in marketing, we get so caught up in our product or service, we forget to see it from the outside. And sometimes in our daily roles, we forget that everyone in the organization should be in product development, customer service and strategic thinking. Spend some time each day each week thinking about what could be or how you wish it could be. I’m a big idealism fanatic. If you can think it…well…you know.

Legos- Build it. Legos are building blocks that are really hecka cool. If you have enough of them and the right pieces, you can make anything. (Believe me, my boys have enough of them). To be able to realize the dream in the first step, you have to have the right building materials. Whether those are legos, employees, processes or whatever, it needs to be the right tool for the job. (Actually now that I think about it, I could do an entire series on the application of Legos as it relates to the workforce, but that’s for another time).

Skateboard- The skateboard didn’t take me places but that’s what it was designed to do. With a little (human) effort, skateboards can get you a lot of places. At least it can if you came of age in Santa Cruz in the 90s, which I did. Seriously though, we’ve talked enough about how to and what for and proving the theories, let’s go places people! You’ll become stagnant if you sit around having the same discussions year after year.

So a simple, not too far reaching blog post for the beginning of 2010. As my friend Joe says “be good to each other”.