Can Playing Games at Work Be Productive?

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Originally posted on on February 15, 2012.

The Gamification of Work: Let’s Have Some Fun

Gamification_Workplace_Employees_EngagementYou know, talent management isn’t all fun and games. Or is it? Making a game of management and HR tasks was the topic du jour there for some time and many companies –vendors and organizations alike– are still trying to figure out how to use rewards and gratification to attract and retain employees, improve employee performance, and increase engagement.

According to analyst Jason Averbook, the theory is that by applying the same principles that inspire people to play games – achievements, status, and rewards – to employee performance, businesses can drive deeper engagement, and increase alignment with corporate goals.

While there was initially a tepid response from the executive set when it came to gamification, a closer look at the changing landscape of how humans interact with one another, both at work and at play, has shifted thinking about using games to solve thorny issues, especially those that plague the enterprise. Read more…

photo credit: Ella’s Dad via photopin cc