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#RedBranchWeekly: Best Advice for B2B Companies in 2017

The year is already halfway over! Yeah, we’re not sure how to handle it either. But, one thing’s for sure – the first half of 2017 has brought some great insights for B2B companies along with it.

In this edition of #RedBranchWeekly, we take a look at some of the major tips and advice a few of our clients have to offer. All the key areas are covered including cost per hire with ClearCompany and even employer brand and negative reviews with WCN. What are you waiting for? Start reading up on these trends and better your B2B business!

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girl reading a book in a libraryClearCompany: Your 2017 Picks: Workforce Planning, Hiring Manager Communications and Cost Per Hire Equations

We’re halfway through the year, and here at ClearCompany, we really love creating content about how to make talent acquisition, performance management, onboarding and goal setting better for companies. Here are our best tips from 2017…


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car driving down the roadPeopleTicker: What Drives the Contingent Workforce? And other pressing questions…

Here at PeopleTicker, we eat, breathe and sleep contingent workforce data and compensation. But…we know not everyone else does. Take a look at some of our latest insights…


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small wooden shipWCN: 3 Ways to Turn the Negative Employer Review Ship Around

Whether the feedback surrounds product, service or establishment, people are paying attention. But, what about negative reviews? Find out how to turn them around…


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