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#RedBranchWeekly: Bears, Beets and Battlestar Galactica

It’s time to bring a little more excitement to the #RedBranchWeekly!

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This week in the #RedBranchWeekly:

ClearCompany: Fire Starter vs. Firefighter: Avoiding Disaster in Your Organization

FireThe majority of fires are started by accident, either because of someone being careless, not knowing what they’re doing or not containing it once it starts to spread. The same goes for those domino effect mistakes at work.
In this blog we talk a lot about proactive leadership and the tools that you need to make that possible. Here are several common workplace “fires” that we believe are totally preventable.

GreenJobInterview: How Video Interviewing Can Help You Hire for Cultural Fit

Cultural-FitVideo interviewing is no longer an up and coming practice, it’s here. With 63% of HR managers having used video screening as a means to finding candidates, there is good reason to use this technology for enhancing your hiring process. Professionalism is hard to recognize through a phone interview, since only 7% of non-verbal communication is tone of voice. So when a candidate is thousands of miles from the company headquarters, video screening is ideal to measure their cultural fit.

Herd Wisdom: Why You Should Sing “Let It Go” Micromanagers 

MicromanagerWe have all had that boss, or even colleague, who just has a tough time letting anything go. The reigns are always taut, and you just want to run up to them and start singing the ultra-popular, Disney’s Frozen song, “Let It Go” right in their face. It’s extremely hard to work for a micromanager, or someone who is obviously not interested in empowering those around them.
Micromanagement stresses people out, and that ends up costing organizations even more money.

HR Acuity: Out of My Control: A Series On Mitigating Employee-Related Risks

In my latest webinar, “The Changing Face of the CHRO” I defined six of the leading factors in employee-related risk management that are out of a company’s control.  But just because you can’t prevent them from occurring doesn’t mean you can’t be prepared for them when they do occur.   In this series, I would like to define the risks, explain and identify the impact and provide actionable advice on how to take control within your organization.

Recruiterbox: Get Out Of Your Cubicle and Into a Collaborative Hiring Process

Collaborative-Recruiting-ProcessTeamwork. It’s the building block of any company, big or small. The benefits of teamwork stretch beyond the borders of your cubicle and out into the world of recruiting. Collaborative recruiting has a deeper impact than just your typical, run-of-the-mill programs. This is because it involves more than just the Human Resources and recruiting departments. Collaborative recruiting involves current employees and those who would be a part of the same team.

Visibility Software: Employee Training: Teaching New Tricks

Employee-TrainingBaby Boomers are still working. Even though they’re beginning to retire from their career-centered jobs, 47% of them say they will work after they retire.  So, you can’t assume that your training program geared towards the entering workforce will be effective for your late Boomers. They did not grow up with the same technology used in most training programs, but that doesn’t mean they can’t learn. In fact, they are the generation that spends the most of the latest and greatest pieces of technology.

Vitru: 4 Things Great Managers Know About Building Teams

VitruBuilding, maintaining and supporting a successful team can be just as much work as whatever the team itself is actually accomplishing, but it doesn’t have to be. The following four elements of team building define what lies at the core of an effective team and their leadership.
This whole team building thing isn’t that tough. The right technology, mixed with the right leadership creates a formula that ensures that teams are created thoughtfully, not just haphazardly.