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#RedBranch Oscar Nominated Interviews, Growing Your Company, Engagement Isn’t Just For Lovers, and BYOD Policy Advice

Red Branch Media has had a very exciting week! Check out some of our client wins and new developments.

This week in The #RedBranchWeekly:

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The Oscars and Your Interviewer

The folks at the Oscars, they have done this 86 years now, and they’re still learning. While we hate to admit it, we can’t do it all either. We can’t choose how, or if the interviewer represents your company in its best light, but what we can do is present you with an Oscars/Virtual Interviewing pop culture tie in post!

The Right Kind of Growth -How to Scale

 Recruiterbox wrote an article this week and they talk about how to scale your growth and how Recruiterbox can help. “Hundreds of fast growing companies use the Recruiterbox Applicant Tracking System.”

Why Engagement is a Long Game

In this post Herd Wisdom talks about employee engagement. Sometimes bosses may be oblivious to the needs of their employees and Herd Wisdom is here to change that.

How to Create Your Own Little Army of Recruiters

Have you heard of a FOF referral? It stands for “Friend of the Firm”, first nick named by ERE contributor Dr. John Sullivan. In this article they talk about focusing more on targeting recruiting efforts, and less about seeing how many applications each job listing can snag. That’s where this extension of traditional referral programs comes in.

BYOD Policy Advice From a Pro

Recently, majority of workplaces have been allowing their employees to bring their own electronic device to work. They say that productivity increased for BYOD employees by an extra 37 minutes per week per employee. Navigating ones own device is easier and faster. Do you think that more employers should allow their employees to bring devices? What sort of policies should they have intact?