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What Red Branch Media is REALLY Thankful For This Thanksgiving

Yes, we are thankful for our family and friends…

We’re also thankful for our Red Branch Media family and our wonderful clients, readers and social friends! However, we asked the Red Branch family to share some of their favorites about Thanksgiving… along with their plans for this year’s Turkey Day, and most importantly what they’re thankful for… ASIDE from the given.


KyKylele Christensen, Design Lead

Turkey Day Plans: My plan this year is to drive out to my fiancee’s grandparent’s house with her to have Thanksgiving.

Favorite Dish: My favorite Thanksgiving dish is Pumpkin Pie.

Favorite Tradition: My new favorite Thanksgiving tradition is getting to spend Thanksgiving with my fiancee’s family.

I’m Thankful For: This is the last Thanksgiving I have to spend at Target, I’m thankful this is the last Thanksgiving as an unmarried couple, and I’m thankful to graduate.




KKristineristine Osbourne, Graphic Designer

Turkey Day Plans: My family and I always travel back to the small town of Geneseo, Illinois. It’s the one time of year that I get to see my other grandma and my dad’s side of the family.

Favorite Dish: Homemade Stuffing and lots of it!

Favorite Memory: Getting up at 12 AM to fight the crowds on Black Friday to get toys for my Grandma and Aunt to give to the younger kids.
I’m Thankful For: All the wonderful opportunities that God has blessed me with this in the Art field.


PivovarsKerry Pivovar, Marketing Automation

Turkey Day Plans: My entire extended family meets at my Grandma’s house for Thanksgiving Dinner. This year my uncle is going to put on a special “Finance for Recent Graduates” seminar after dinner for the cousins…

Favorite Dish: My dad’s polish sausage, dumplings and kraut. 

Favorite Memory: The time my mom knocked over the dessert table. We all ran towards her screaming “SAVE THE PIES!”

I’m Thankful For: I am thankful for Black Friday sales.


EricEric Foutch, Digital Media Manager

Turkey Day Plans: I am going to Tennessee to spend Thanksgiving with my Mom! Her Doctor might let her leave physical therapy for half of a day to celebrate with us. If not, we will bring Thanksgiving to her 🙂

My Favorite Dish: My Aunt Julia’s sweet potato mashed. Courtney hated sweet potato mashed and is now a HUGE fan because of it. It’s made with brown sugar, oatmeal, and some other stuff, however, it does not include that gross marshmallow stuff.
Family Tradition: I love thanksgiving because I get to be around my family for a whole day! There are a lot of us but when we get together no matter how long it’s been we pick up right where we left off.
I’m Thankful For: I am thankful for Hulu. I wouldn’t be able to watch any of my favorite shows without it!

ShaleyShaley McKeever, Digital Media Coordinator

Turkey Day Plans: My little sister, Sabrina, is home from college and I’m so excited to spend the week with her since we NEVER get to see each other anymore! Also, my cousin Olga from Slovakia is visiting so she will be at our Thanksgiving this year, which is a first!

My Favorite Dish:  My mother’s green bean casserole, hands down!

Family Tradition: Before we eat, my entire family stands in a circle holding hands, and we pray for our blessings. We also play tons of games throughout the entire evening!

I’m Thankful For: I am so thankful for the life lessons I learned this year. 2014 has been a whirlwind for me on all different levels… professionally, personally and spiritually. On a less serious note, I’m thankful for Dippers.


Screenshot 2014-11-25 11.46.09Marissa Litty, Corporate Communications

Turkey Day Plans: I’m excited to see my parents and family for a Thanksgiving brunch and then head back to Omaha to cook a small dinner for my boyfriend to enjoy when he gets off work. I can’t wait to decorate for Christmas and watch Hallmark movies after dinner!

Favorite Dish: I LOVE my dad’s stuffing. He always makes a little extra just for me to take home.
Family Tradition: My family always holds hands and says grace together. It’s probably my favorite tradition because, though some of us aren’t particularly religious, all of us participate without hesitation. It’s amazing to see how large our circle is each year and who was able to fly in for the celebration.
I’m Thankful For: This year, I’m so thankful to have had the chance to receive a degree. Not everyone finds a way to attend college and even fewer are able to finish, so I am so happy to have done both. Education is an amazing privilege.


Jeremy Hogan, Web Developer

Turkey Day: I am getting together with two sets of families to eat until I can’t remember my name.
Favorite Dish: Stuffing x 2. My mom and mother-in-law make two very different kinds of stuffing but, like rainbows, they are each breathtaking in their beauty and perfection.
Family Tradition: It seems to be a tradition to eat until the point of regret, wait 15 minutes, and then have dessert.
I’m Thankful For: I am thankful for coffee. Without which, Red Branch would be closed and half the town laid to waste.



Maren Hogan, CEO

Turkey Day Plans: This year I am headed to my sister Trisha’s house for Thanksgiving and my grandmother, who is 91, will be joining us! My kids have promised that they’ll let the adults play football with them (which is something people seem to do on Thanksgiving in LL Bean catalogs but I know THIS family has never done! Oh, PLUS, I am going to do a 5K with my oldest son, who is the only one crazy enough to get up and run with me early Thanksgiving morning!
Favorite Dish: Potatoes. All the carb-deliciousness of potatoes. I like them mashed, sweet, au gratin…you name it. In fact, I am so dedicated to the fine art of potato making that I won’t let anyone else in the family TOUCH the potato dishes. They are, and will remain, my domain.
Family Tradition: We always go around the table and say how thankful we are for things. Not once or twice like those aforementioned LL Bean people, but like hundreds of times. By the time we’re done, we’re just thankful to be done!!
I’m Thankful For: I am thankful that I FINALLY have implemented healthy (sorta) eating and (kinda) exercising habits into my life. It’s not easy with as crazy as this year has been but I’ve kept it up and while my clothes aren’t falling off or anything, I do think it’s been a HUGE part of dealing with the mass amount of stress in my life!


CourtneyCourtney McGann, Content Manager

Turkey Day Plans: I’m headed over to my sister Trisha’s house, I’m thinking I’ll catch Maren there :). We usually drink too early, eat too much and then play spoons (which in a delirious state isn’t so much safe).
Favorite Dish: I have to have a tiny bit of every dish on my fork for each bite. I actually pride myself on being able to craft the perfect bite every time and effortlessly portion each dish so there are always equal amounts at the end. It’s weird, but it’s how I optimally enjoy Thanksgiving. So the answer is…ALL OF THEM. (‘cept pumpkin pie, that’s nasty)
Family Tradition: We go around the table in several rounds and share what we’re thankful for. We do this reluctantly because…feelings, but we all will inevitably laugh until we cry and enjoy the time together.
I’m Thankful For: Well, today will actually be my last day with Red Branch Media and although we weren’t supposed to talk about Red Branch on this, I HAVE to say that I’m incredibly thankful for my time here. I learned something valuable from each one of my managers and co-workers, and for that I am uber-grateful this year. Thank you Maren and Jeremy, for your heartfelt leadership and rarely complaining about hangover Mondays. Thank you, my teammates, for being the smartest, hardest workers a gal could ask to work beside. Thank you, thank you, thank you! You have all made 2014 a great year.


We are thankful for you too Courtney, and we will miss you so much! Thank you for all of the knowledge you have passed on to us. We appreciate you and wish you the best of luck on your new endeavors!


Happy Thanksgiving from Our Family to Yours!

– Red Branch Media