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#RedBranchWeekly: Ambiverts, Micromanagers & the Cuckoo’s Nest

It’s an odd combination.

But, those topics are all here… right in the #RedBranchWeekly. We like to keep things interesting, especially when writing about HR, hiring and recruiting. We believe that almost anything can be related to the trends and issues we write about, and we always like to mix things up a bit! That’s why in this #RedBranchWeekly, you’ll see articles ranging from interpreting employees’ personality types to tips on getting exec buy-in for HR tech. Is your startup company taking off, and you’re ready to recruit a larger team? Then check out Recruiterbox’s article, #FirstInHR: 5 Ways to Build a Better Team When it’s Just You, for tips on how to build the team you need to expand!

Did you attend the #InfluenceHR event in Las Vegas, right before #HRTechConf? Then check out HR Acuity’s article below to see what their CEO, Debbie Muller thought of her experience as a member of the panel.

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HR Acuity: Reflections from #InfluenceHR

#InfluenceHRIf you’ve never been, Influence HR is a one-day whirlwind of marketing insights from industry leaders for the CEOs and CMOs of customer-facing execs in the HR space. It’s intense, it’s gratifying, and I had the privilege of speaking there this year. Before I take 3 minutes of rest between Influence HR and the HR Technology Conference (back to back in Vegas), I thought I should quickly reflect on my time at Influence HR.

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Broadbean: #HRTechConf: Getting Exec Buy-in for the HR Tech You Need


Recruiting is now believed to have made the greatest business impact out of any HR function. In fact, recruiting efforts now are showing 2 times the profit margin and 3.5 times the profit growth of lower HR functions. It’s time for recruiters to take advantage of this growth and demand increased purchasing power.

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GreenJobInterview: How 4 Types of Hiring Managers Can Use Video Interviewing

Video InterviewingVideo interviewing caters to all types of hiring managers. Yes, all of them. Characteristics of video interviewing allow procrastinators a bit of wiggle-room, passive managers a louder voice, micromanagers a certain level of control, and problem-solvers greater victories in the hiring process. These four different kinds of managers need video interviewing, but for different reasons; here’s why:

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Recruiterbox: #FirstInHR: 5 Ways to Build a Better Team When it’s Just You

You know your team better than anyone; after all, you personally recruited and hired every single one of them. The process is time consuming and mentally taxing which is why corporations have hiring managers who are dedicated to onboarding the chosen candidates. The formula for a great team is the 60/30/10 Rule. That is broken down into whom the team consists of, how the team works together, and the leadership, respectively. So adding new members to the team can throw off the dynamic, and possibly team success. It’s a delicate process, but don’t worry.

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ClearCompany: 5 HR Game-Changers That You Need to Know About, Yesterday


Everything about the Human Resources department has changed drastically in the last decade, and the evolution is still going on. The HR tech arms race, as some experts have called it, can be an intense one to keep up in. New and improved technologies are consistently hitting the market. The following are what we’re looking at right now as the game-changers in HR.

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Visibility Software: One Flew Over the ATS   

ATSType in “passing the applicant tracking system,” or “resumes and applicant tracking systems,” and the first things that come up are articles upon articles detailing how applicants can at least get their resume in front of human eyes. Companies receive a plethora of resumes from applicants who aren’t necessarily qualified for the position, but they had fantastic resumes. However, that also means, they don’t see the resumes from talent who have all of the prerequisites for the job; the experience, the skill, the training, but their resumes don’t reflect that. The question remains, how many of the 70% of resumes does an ATS pass over because of incompatibility?

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Vitru: Oh the Things We Don’t Know About Employee Assessments

Employee AssessmentsUntil very recently, there have only been two options –introvert, or extrovert. You either prefer to live in a cave and do your shopping online, as to avoid as many humans as possible, or you’re a loud, abrasive, attention seeker. Those are your two options. Well, not anymore. As it turns out, there is a third category –ambiverts.

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