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#RedBranchWeekly: 7 Tricks & Treats You’ll Want in Your Bag

Whether you’re screening candidates to fill a position fast or you already have your team in place, our clients have the tricks and the treats for you this week! Check out Visibility Software’s article on the killers of company culture that may be lurking around your office. Feel like you’re putting a lot of work into your job board posts but getting nothing in return? Check out Broadbean’s article this week on how to attract fresh talent to your job board posts.

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This week in the #RedBranchWeekly:


Video-ScreeningGreenJobInterview: How to Reduce Your Work Load with Video Interviewing

Chaos sometimes takes hold of the hiring process, spawned by the lack of available time. If there’s one thing everyone needs more of, it’s time. The world of technology created an overabundance of timesaving applications. Yet, somehow there are still not enough hours in the day to get everything done. As recruiters, if there were an easier and quicker way to screen the mass of candidates, you’d want to know about it, right?

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Serial KillersVisibility Software: The Serial Killers of Company Culture

In the words of the corpses in The Nightmare Before Christmas, “This is Halloween.” It’s a time filled with scary movies, fantastic costumes, candy, and – the real horror – villain look-a-likes in the office. These individuals ruin company culture quicker than a cinematic serial killer takes his victims.
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Recruiterbox: Need-to-Know Mobile Recruitment Stats

There is an explosion happening. Mobility has blasted its way into the world of recruitment and there is no stopping it. So, as a recruiter, it’s your job to know exactly how mobile is weaving throughout the hiring process. Candidates want to be able to search, apply, and upload their resumes through their mobile smartphones. If your career page can’t do that – if your career page isn’t responsive – then you are bound to lose up to 40% of your talent pool. Kevin Wheeler, advisor and consultant in recruiting and learning explained what he typically finds when searching for jobs on a mobile phone:


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Social-MediaHR Acuity: Social Media and Employee Relations: More than a Policy

You might think that social media has no bearing on this particular section of HR, but you’d be wrong. In fact, when you look at social media, it’s all about relationships and so is employee relations, the overarching and highly influential parent of workplace investigations.


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MillennialBroadbean: How to Attract the Emerging Workforce with Job Posting – Sincerely, a Millennial 

CareerBuilder research revealed only 22% of Millennial workers strongly agree that they are satisfied in their careers. Their research also highlighted that the average length of time Millennials stay in a job is about three years.

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Team-Building-ToolsVitru: Team Building Tools for Effective Virtual Meetings

As the 9-5 goes the way of the typewriter, and cubicles transform into Ikea couches in our living rooms, everything about business as usual has changed. Even if your team is still functioning in the traditional office setting, your clients, customers, partners and vendors are always going to be scattered.
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Performance-ManagementClearCompany: A Clear View of the Talent Lifecycle: Performance Management [Part 4]

Besides the focus being off, traditional performance management isn’t built with a strategy that aligns with the company values and vision. In order to take performance management from being just another compliance issue, to driving the success of the organization strategically, you will rely heavily on performance management software.

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