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#RedBranchWeekly: Genius Ways to Attract New Hires

Attracting new hires doesn’t stop the day they are hired. As employees start with your company, it’s your job to impress and showcase your best assets. Why? To keep them around! But, what exactly can you do to ensure that you put forth a good first impression? We’ve gathered this week’s best onboarding and recruiting insights from ClearCompany, iRevü and more to show you how it’s done. Take a look!

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employees at a company lunchClearCompany: Stop Sabotaging Your New Hire! Try These Bold Onboarding Ideas

While the employee onboarding process should instill confidence in new hires, it goes beyond warm fuzzies. You and your team are preparing the new employee for the reality of the job. Learn more…


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college graduatesWCN: How to Get the Most Out of Your Campus Recruiting Events

Campus recruiting is one of the very first career events we’re exposed to as a job seeker, and many talent acquisition professionals cut their teeth in the world of campus recruiting. Here’s what you can do…


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woman reading tabletiRevü: Assess Your Effectiveness As a Leader [Printable]

A brilliant leader is defined by their actions. But what’s more important is an assessment of those actions. Learn how to improve your leadership skills for new hires and beyond…


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