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#RedBranchWeekly – Keep Employees Happy, Recruiting Tech Workers, Different Learning Styles, & Make Interviewing Easier

Red Branch Media has had a very exciting week! Check out some of our client wins and new developments from the past week.

This week in The #RedBranchWeekly:

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5 Ways to Keep Employees Happy, but Still Working (@GrJobInterview)

Do you have any tips for keeping your employees happy? Well GreenJobInterview does and they break down 5 great tips to keep your employees working hard and also enjoying their job.

Continuous Feedback…Okay, How Continuous Are We Talking Here? (@HerdWisdom)

Herd Wisdom is a company that uses pulse surveys to consistently receive feedback from your employees. You will have a grasp on a situation before it even becomes a problem. In this article they explain why doing the yearly or quarterly surveys aren’t effective. They also ask why businesses keep doing them?

Best Tech Quotes from Recruiters (@VisSoft)

We all know there is a talent shortage of Tech workers. In this article you will find expert recruiters explaining how to discover the tech talent and also how to attract them to the position you are trying to fill. Check it out.

How to Run an Effective Meeting: 4 Ways to Avoid Pointless Meetings (@peoplefluent)

We get it! Some managers are not great at communicating and that can lead to employees becoming frustrated often. In this article that we published on peoplefluent we bring you facts, statistics, and some great tips to prepare you for your next meeting. It’s not about having a meeting every week to check the status on your employees and their projects, it should be a well thought out meeting so you can keep them engaged.

The Talent Analytics Super Bowl (@recruiterbox)

“Organizations are finding that when implementing talent analytics in their workforce, the data is showing that what were once considered traditional, common sense factors in performance, are all wrong. Many companies believe in the hiring formula:

Good School + Good Grades = Good Performers

Talent analytics is contending that most companies don’t have a realistic grasp on what their performance factors actually are.”

How To Coordinate Headache Free Interviews


Sometimes conducting interviews takes a lot of energy and brain power that can lead to exhausted interviewers. In this article, GreenJobInterview breaks down some interesting tips on how to conduct these interviews without losing your energy. One tip is: Be Prepared… Or At Least Look Like it. Check out more.

3 Common Learning Styles and How to Train Them


Do you know the three different learning styles? Some managers forget that not everyone learns the same way. When you are training employees you need to remember to adapt your teaching to all three different learning styles.

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