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#RedBranchWeekly: 3 HR Insights to Keep in Mind When Reworking Your Strategy

Your overall HR strategy affects your entire business. From performance review programs to how you approach your employer brand, you always need to be finding ways to make your people happy and motivated. In this week’s #RedBranchWeekly, we give you a few resources that are sure to affect your bottom line. ClearCompany shows you how to create an employee performance review program that is sure to create the results you expect. Also, Universum gives some insight into employer branding and how it affects your business when communicated effectively.

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hr insightsClearCompany: Best Practices for Creating an Employee Performance Review Program

Nowadays, the term “performance review” inspires chills in the spines of managers and executives alike. The practice has become a bit taboo as more and more reports express just how little they’re appreciated and even how they hinder the productivity and satisfaction of employees. Keep reading…

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hr insightsiRevü: The One Surprising Benefit Employees Get From Negative Feedback

As a manager or employer just finishing up performance reviews, you may have heard the terms feedback and engagement a little more often than usual. And, this makes sense. Providing engagement gets everyone involved and ensures that every member of the team is on the same page and increases their satisfaction in work, which is proven to make employees 12% more productive. Newer generations are asking for more feedback and managers are seeing consistent feedback result in higher productivity and more engagement. Read more…

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hr insightsUniversum: 3 Quick Tips for Communicating Your Employer Brand Effectively

From attracting new talent to retaining tenured employees, the practice of maintaining a company’s reputation as an employer has leadership taking notice. Last year, 62% of employers in our Global Recruiting survey said their employer brand was a top priority. Today, there’s far less confusion around what employer brand is or how important it can be to the health of your talent pipeline and employee satisfaction. Take a look…

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